Stainless steel vat
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Stainless steel vat €790.00

Built in 304 stainless steel, (general food standard), it is perfect to drain away wastewater from our boot washer into a manhole or a water treatment network.

It is very easy to install since you just have to put any of our boot washer onto the vat for it to be ready to use.

Water connected hand-held scrubbing brush
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Water connected hand-held scrubbing brush €111.00

Perfect to clean aprons, waders or any other waterproof clothes. Fitted for every ECODIS France boot washer.

scrap and pull accessory
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scrap and pull accessory €59.00

Accessory that can be attached on the back of our boot-washer. Conceived to easily wipe the thickest and gummiest mud from the bottom of your boot before putting it onto the boot washer.

After your boot is cleaned, the scrap and pull accessory allows you to pull it off effortless and without touching it with your hand.

SB 1000
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SB 1000 €101.00

Allowing the drying of 4 pairs of shoes or boots and to put it easily, in a minimum of space. 

Prevent installation of unwanted animals.

Increase boots and shoes's useful life and avoid moisture and health issue.

Manufactured with maximum control and tests, this product doesn't need any special maintenance. 



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The AC 20 cleaning grating is ideal for cleaning boots from parts of mud and soil , before the washing operation. It optimizes the operation of boot washing machines from ECODIS FRANCE .

Placed perpendicular to the boot washing machine, the AC 20 grating offers a clean surface to rest the first boot cleaned. Efficient, robust and economical , it ensures high safety, reduces the risk of accidents and improves productivity.

Made of electro forged and galvanized steel, this equipment measures 540 mm in length, 270 mm in width and 25 mm in thickness. It is easy to clean with a water jet or high pressure lance.

The slatted floor is also used in front of the entrance threshold of offices, workshops, mobile homes and all other operating premises.

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PEDIMAXX €370.00

The PEDIMAXX® consists of a stainless steel tray, a removable electro-galvanized steel frame supporting 2 brushes and a forged and galvanized grating.

It allows to decontaminate the boots before entering the areas and buildings of breeding, in order to preserve the health of the animals.